We are funding the next generation of British Businesses

  • Investment Criteria:

    Here are some of the criteria which we assess the investment opportunities:

    • High growth ambitions.
    • Outstanding founding team
    • UK legal structure, with founders based in the UK, we like to meet the founders face to face.
    • Evidence of a large market.
    • Business model
    • The business is more than just an idea. Either you have already started the business, or you have experience within the relevant industr.
    • We typically offer investment between £100,000 to £500,000 for minimum of 30% to 50% stake in business.
  • Please submit us:
    • A max 500 word synopsis of your proposal including a brief description of the product/service you provide.
    • If you are already in business please provide a brief summary of your current turnover, profit/loss account, balance sheet and cash fellow, together with projections for next 3 years.
Next Generation of Business
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