We are looking for an investment opportunity. Are you seeking the capital to fund your business?

Zebra Capital Company has an impressive track record of investing in small businesses, many of which would not exist without Zebra Capital investment and advice. We aim not only to invest but also to help you look after all business functions including finance, IT, Marketing, IT and business development. We would like to build up a successful business together.

Dr Farhad Reyazat

How We Help Clients

Zebra Capital is privately-owned investment vehicle of Business & Finance Group since 2007. We help you build your business, your way. At Zebra Capital We’re active investor in growing companies, backing businesses with promise across the UK.

We believe in the power of brilliant businesses to drive innovation, generate progress and deliver prosperity. And we thrive in our role to help make that happen. We seek to invest in UK small and start-up businesses and provide support and guidance for young entrepreneurs.

Whether you’ve already started your own company or you’ve got a great business proposition and the expertise to make it work, we want to hear from you. Apply Here

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